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5 essential commands you can teach your dog

Having a dog as you pet is quite a good thing. A dog can be trained to carry out some task or even how to carry it self. Although training a dog ain’t is not that easy it is wise to take a shot.There are some commands that you need to teach your dog to make it easy to leave with.

1. Following:

Training your dog to follow you on-leash from a young age will build the stepping stones to teach a more disciplined “Heel” command later in life. For a general rule of thumb, you can start these “Following” exercises with leash and collar as early as 8 weeks by walking in a straight line and encouraging your dog to stay next to you.
Use effective corrections to address going too far in front, lagging too far behind, crowding, or locking in on a distraction. “Following” exercises early in life can help mitigate that frustrating leash pulling and provide an excellent foundation to pursue more advanced obedience training later in life.

2. Handling:

Puppies are well known for that annoying play biting which can, in some cases, tear skin or draw blood because of those puppy needle teeth. By adding daily “Handling” exercises to a dog’s life, you can help prevent embarrassing trips to the vet and save your hands if your dog does decide to turn around and nip when your kid pulls his or her tail too hard. Start small.
Try gently pressing on the pads of your dog’s paws and gauge their reaction. If you get any protest, address it with an effective correction in order to send the message that “this is not acceptable.” Pulling away or leaving them be after any type of protest can send the message that protest and backtalk are acceptable. Create this into a daily desensitization exercise and reap the rewards when you go in for your dog’s next nail trim!

3. Sit:

By teaching your dog to sit at an early age, you are setting the tone for the rest of their life. Obedience commands such as “Sit” teach the focus and restraint needed during those high anxiety moments when you’re having family over or you’re bringing your dog out in public. Start small and work up to having your dog hold a “Sit” for 2 minutes.
This training system will send the cue to your dog that “Sit” has an implied “Stay.” Start on-leash before expecting the dog to hold a “Sit” for an extended period off-leash. By starting on-leash you are ensuring the utmost control in case you have to issue a correction for breaking the command. If you find that your dog is doing great, then lay on the praise and really make it worth their while to listen to you!

4. Down:

The “Down” command is a huge step in obedience training but the payoff is well worth the training. Associate a hand signal of your choice that you execute simultaneously with your verbal “Down” command. Over time and with consistency, you will find that you can switch between the verbal and hand signal. “Down” is also the perfect stepping stone towards teaching a formal “Stay” command. Just like “Sit”, work up towards having your dog hold a “Down” for 2 minutes. This can be accomplished in 10-15 second increments. Make sure to lay on the praise if they are doing great!

5. Come:

One of the most frustrating things about being a dog owner is having those moments where your dog is off-leash and is giving you the cold shoulder after calling them to come in the house. In order to have a dog that you can rely on “Come”, you have to train in a structured, incremental, and controlled manner. Go to your local pet store and pick up a long leash around 25 feet in length. Start practicing the “Come” command on-leash in order to build reliability off-leash.

Basic Dog Training: Obedience Commands

Basic Dog Training -Obedience Commands

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